Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A few things I'm loving

Hey everyone! Its a little bit earlier than I normally post, but, with nothing to do, I figured I'd do one! So, today while riding in the car to my doctors appointment, I realized that on my last post I had skipped a few of the fill in the blanks and never went back to change the answers from the person I got it from... whoops! :) haha.
Well, today went really well! I made it through all my class and my knee barely even bothered me. After class I headed over to the doctor and everything went well. We took some xrays and they looked great and I got my staples taken out( 12 to be exact) and as worried as I made myself( even after reading a lot about them) I barely even felt them take my staples out.I now do not have to wear my bandage and can shower regularly( without wrapping myknee) but I still have to wear my brace for a while and I have to use one cructh( dont tell, but unless I'm going out, im really not using it) lol. They just want me to so my knee doesnt buckle but I've been walking on it for quite a few days now. Now, the next step is therapy which I have my consultation on thursday and will start after that 3x a week for 5 weeks. :) yay, finally getting back to normal!

anyways! Now on to things I'm loving. Here's just a couple things!

THIS VS swimsuit. I just LOVEEEEE it. I love the colors and print and just the whole thing. Can't wait to get it, maybe :)

I really like this dress, mostly the colors! I think I will definately have to try it on to see how I like it, but loveeeeee the colors!

I reallllly love nude pumps. I am definately wanting to get a pair of these :) I think they'll look good with a lot!

until next time :)


  1. Hey its Laura Beth from a blog you follow "makeup on mind" Someone has broken into my account and is impersonating me. I have no access to my account anymore. It stinks that blogger is not taking action. So for the safety of your blog and email address please remove yourself from this blog asap!

    xox Laura Beth

  2. LOVE that swimsuit! It's so hard to choose which one(s) I want to get from VS. Too many good ones! xoxo