Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Surgery & Becoming toned

So sorry for the absense! School is in session which equals less time for blogging and more time on work,work and more work. On top of it all, back in September I was out running with a friend, we decided to do some lunges and my first lunge I did, my knee popped and wne tall kind of crazy.. long story short, I went to the specialist on Tuesday and I now have surgery scheduled in March. woo! ( that would be sarcasm ) haha I have a tear in my knee, its a right medial tear in my miniscus or something like that. ALSO upon looking at my knee, my doctor also thinks that I might either have a slight tear in my ACL or it just might be really loose, but it is too hard to tell through any x-rays or mri's so I won't know if they had to fix my ACL until after surgery. But, I am doing fine, I can actually walk fine right now my knee only flares up every once in a while for a few days and thats when it really hurts. so yeah.. :)

another thing I wanted to blog about is I am wanting to start eating healthier/excersiing however I can without doing extensive workouts. I am about 5'1 at about 107ish. I am a pretty think person but I definately want to become lean and way more toned. .. I don't want a manly 6pack but just lean and tone and I think the way to acheive that is to start eating more healthy and exercise however I can.. maybe walking and doing ab workouts or something since I can't push my knee too hard. I wan't to post maybe a photo every couple of weeks and maybe that will give me the motivation I need.   I tend to not eat all too much healthy foods and drink soda.. I love Coca Cola but I am planing on dropping the soda for water and eating more healthy.. chicken and yogurt and cheese and whatever else I can find.. apples. what do you think? Have you done this before? any tips???

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Monday, January 10, 2011


Hey all! Well today has been a pretty good day! Got my first day back to class over with. wooo. I have been planning on posting some OOTDs but haven't gotten a chance to take any. PLUS, today I just wore jeans a hoodie and some coomfy boots to class! Here in good ol' Texas it is wayyyy to cold to be looking cute. lol. Anyways so like I said I just had class today, spent some more quality time with Mister Wonderful and then went to my church class tonight. ( If you don't know, which I don't think you do, I am in the process of becoming Catholic so every Monday I have my church class ) Yeah. So, I went to my class and one of my " teachers" said that we were having a tour of the church, to go to the main church and there would be a group in there and he'll be in there shortly. well, I go in there and there is no one to be found. long story short, I end up walking all around the outside of the church, I trip ( yes, I trip! I am THE clumsiest person EVER ) and hurt my knee even more! ( even more, because if you don't know, which you probably don't, I have a right medial miniscus tear in my right knee ) and yep, hurt my knee and could barely walk but limping counts and the more i kind of walked it felt better. lol. but that was my day! I will hopefully have something interesting for you tomorrow. OH!

I have a bridal shower this weekend.. any ideas on something cute to wear??

AND do any of you recommend any NARS blushes???

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Challenge

Hey all! I hope everyone had a great weekend! My weekend really hasn't consisted of much but spending good ol quality time with Mister Wonderful and our furbabies. :) nothing better than that! I start back up school tomorrow, and I am suprised to say that I actually am looking forward to it! I am so ready to get on the track to being done with school! I am feeling very motivated and very optimistic about this year in general. As a part of this, I am challenging myself to no Facebook for atleast 1 month. These days, I think it is pretty normal for most of us to check up on FB multiple times a day. I think it can be a great tool to stay in touch with people but also at the same time, I think it can be just the opposite. With all of my school goals this semester I am trying to acheive I am cutting out time that I shouldn't be spending online. Have you tried this before? I challenge YOU to do the same. Who knows, life could even be better without it! Here's a video that I found thanks for a fellow blogger about FB, and it couldn't be more true!  Talk more Tomo.


Stylish Blogger Award!

I received " The Stylish Blogger Award" from Chic Fit Geek. I love her blog! YOU should go check her out !Thankyou sooooo much for this award!!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I think this will give me even more motivation to keep up with blogging! woo
The Stylish Blogger Award is for newly discovered blogs you follow. Here are the rules:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Award 10 recently discovered great bloggers

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

7 Things About Me
1. I am wedding crazy! No, I am not planning my wedding( not yet, anyways) but I love everything wedding!
2. I am a total cry baby! lol. The simplest, sweetest moment/things or sad things tear me up in NO time! I can't help it
3. I am planning to graduate from Court Reporting school THIS year! crazzzzzyyyyy!
4. I have become obsessed with candles lately! My FAVORITE one right now is the Christmas Cookie one. YUM!!
5. I don't know really know much about sports but thanks to Mister Wonderful( the boyfriend) I have become more into them.. only certain teams thought like the Houston Rockets... Florida Gators.. umm I'm sure theres a few more but those are my top faves!
6. I LOVE to shop! I think that may actually be an understatement. haha. but I am trying to decide if I want to try to do the 30/30 challenge, hmp.
7. I am probably the biggest scardy cat you have even known. seriously! lol.
I want to think Chic Fit Geek again and advise you to go check out her blog here.
The next part is to link ten blogs that I have recently discovered. These are blogs of manly fashion and life. I enjoy these so I hope you check them out and love them like I do! :)



Saturday, January 8, 2011

Caching up-again!

Hey all! I have been changing up the blog-yes, again!- so just bear with me while I adjust a few more things. I have definately been missing in the blog world, but, I am back, sort of! I start school back up on Monday and this semester is definately going to be a busy semester so I am going to try my best to blog as much as I can when I get free time, on top of my staying in shape goal. :) I am thinking about doing a 30 day remixing challenge like many other bloggers have done. I am going to think about it a little bit more tonight and have my decision tomorrow! The only thing is, that since I am a student most of my outfits consist of jeans and a nice shirt/cardigan and maybe once really nice outfit a week because of church.. but if you'all don't mind, I just might try it! I definately like shopping and I think having a challenge and not buying anything for that long ould be a great idea. We shall see! Well, I am about to head out, got to go over the Mister Wonderfuls house :) I will be talking to y'all tomorrow!   What do you think about doing the 30/30 challenge?? :)