Monday, January 10, 2011


Hey all! Well today has been a pretty good day! Got my first day back to class over with. wooo. I have been planning on posting some OOTDs but haven't gotten a chance to take any. PLUS, today I just wore jeans a hoodie and some coomfy boots to class! Here in good ol' Texas it is wayyyy to cold to be looking cute. lol. Anyways so like I said I just had class today, spent some more quality time with Mister Wonderful and then went to my church class tonight. ( If you don't know, which I don't think you do, I am in the process of becoming Catholic so every Monday I have my church class ) Yeah. So, I went to my class and one of my " teachers" said that we were having a tour of the church, to go to the main church and there would be a group in there and he'll be in there shortly. well, I go in there and there is no one to be found. long story short, I end up walking all around the outside of the church, I trip ( yes, I trip! I am THE clumsiest person EVER ) and hurt my knee even more! ( even more, because if you don't know, which you probably don't, I have a right medial miniscus tear in my right knee ) and yep, hurt my knee and could barely walk but limping counts and the more i kind of walked it felt better. lol. but that was my day! I will hopefully have something interesting for you tomorrow. OH!

I have a bridal shower this weekend.. any ideas on something cute to wear??

AND do any of you recommend any NARS blushes???

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  1. I have NARS orgasm blush. It looks good on every skin tone!