Saturday, January 8, 2011

Caching up-again!

Hey all! I have been changing up the blog-yes, again!- so just bear with me while I adjust a few more things. I have definately been missing in the blog world, but, I am back, sort of! I start school back up on Monday and this semester is definately going to be a busy semester so I am going to try my best to blog as much as I can when I get free time, on top of my staying in shape goal. :) I am thinking about doing a 30 day remixing challenge like many other bloggers have done. I am going to think about it a little bit more tonight and have my decision tomorrow! The only thing is, that since I am a student most of my outfits consist of jeans and a nice shirt/cardigan and maybe once really nice outfit a week because of church.. but if you'all don't mind, I just might try it! I definately like shopping and I think having a challenge and not buying anything for that long ould be a great idea. We shall see! Well, I am about to head out, got to go over the Mister Wonderfuls house :) I will be talking to y'all tomorrow!   What do you think about doing the 30/30 challenge?? :)

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