Sunday, December 19, 2010

Naughty or Nice! & a dog story

Hey everyone! I have been MIA for a while now. I have been on here, but more just reading others blogs. I guess I have been kind of lazy, whoops!I think since I have been out of school for this semester, I have been on a more relaxing mode, and been hanging out with family and friends and have not been too inspired to write up a blog post :( .

I have pretty much gotten all my Christmas Shopping done, just need to pick up a few more things with Michael early this week, and I will be all done! Have you finished all of your Christmas Shopping?

Since the last time I blogged I have bought quite a few things ( clothes ) so I am going to try to share all that I have gotten, and I will probably forget something.. and a few things a picked up for some of my friends/family.

But first, here is a picture of Michael and I ( with one of our dogs, Scout, before we headed out to the first family Christmas party )
                                                               Michael, Scout and I
and I couldn't just leave me other furbabie out so....
                                                            Here are the 4 of us :) haha

OKAY! Now, on to what I have purchased recently. Can I get a wohoo!?!

I purchased this Velveteen Contrast Dress from F21. I LOVE this! It does seem shorter on the model, but I am on the shorter side, so I feel that it does not look as short on me. I think this dress is so cute and different, I just loveeee it! You can purchase it here!

Next up, I purchased this Zippered Slinky Knit Dress from F21. I recently wore this to the first family Christmas Party that we went to last night ( from the pictures above) and I love it. it is a more casual fabric but it is so comfy and I think you can dress it up or down. You can purchase it here!

I have NOT purchased this dress, but, I love it! I think it is a perfect dress for the Holiday Season. Love it! I just had to share with you! You can purchase it here!

I also just purchased the peachy colored top AND the grey cardigan in this picture. I happened to buy them both and just when looking online realized they were pictures together. I love them!! I am really loving LC's clothing line at Kohls, I really love her style and I love what she has put out there so far!

I also just purchased this lovely number. I love it! and the best part, not only was it on sale it was now 70% off PLUS the 30% off the total coupon I had, I am so happy with it!

LOVE this candle! What are some of your favorite candles?? This candle smells really good, I just wish it had a little bit of a stronger smell, but yummm! I actually got one for me and one for one of Michaels grandmas.

How is your Christmas shopping going??

On another note, this is super random, but, I have showed pictures of both of my furbabies, Scout & Toby on here before. In my neighborhood, there is a missing Yorkie. ( Which is what Scout is ) Anyways, This man who lives in Austin with his wife and kids is here living with his mom for work, or something like that, anyways, somehow or another the Yorkie got out and is missing. There are a few Yorkies in this neighborhood that I know of. We live around the lake, which there is a path all around it where people walk around or what not and the other day I was sitting downstairs and had the door cracked so the dogs could go in and out as they please. I noticed they were barking at something and thought I had seen someone out there, so, I stuck my head out and there is this lady. The first thing she says is, " That is my dog!" and I told her that that was not her dog. she asked if it was mine, and I told her that yes, he was. After that she kind of looked at me like she thought I was lying and she left and returned to walking around the lake looking. Later, we called them and we talked to her son, who the dog belongs to, and told him what happened and he said tha his mom had called him and told him about that and that he told her that there are other people who have yorkies and what not. So, today, my mother and I are walking around the lake witht he dogs and as we go by the front of the neighborhood, the lady just happens to pull in at the same time as we walk by and she drives SUPER slow and is staring all the way down the street and then stops at the stop sign for a long time then goes around the way to the other side of the lake and goes to the cul de sac and is basically watching us. It makes me a little irritated that she is so persistant that she thinks that my Scouty is her sons dog. I am almost feeling uncomfortable because she seems to really think he is. Not to mention, my mother and I went looking for their dog yesterday around the neighborhood also. I have found 2 or 3 other dogs in our neighborhood and returned them. Believe me, I love dogs, but I love to find their owners. I am just not quite sure what to do. I mean I feel like I shouldn't feel like this because he is clearly my dog but on the other hand I wish she would realize it isnt the dog they are looing for.

sorry for that long rant but I just had to get if off my chest. I guess it was just kind of bugging me!

xoxo, Jennifer


  1. I purchased the same LC ruffle top and cardigan, I lovelovelove her line at Kohl's, it fits me so well!

  2. I just gave you an award on my blog! Hop over to see!