Monday, May 30, 2011

blogger problems..?

Hey there! Is anyone else STILL having blogger problems..  ie with commenting? this is starting to get super annoying!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Short Shopping Haul!

Happy Friday everyone! Lets see- today I went to Party City and got a whole bunch of decorations and what not for Stacies Graduation party ( Mr. Charming's sister ) after that I decided to do a little shopping around for myself. In my last post I mentioned that I have been loving dresses and I felt it only necessary to get some summer dresses and a good pair of shorts ( without holes or scratch mark things ) so I headed off to the shopping center.

First stop was Charlotte Russe. I normall don't buy tooo much from here but still go in and look. Today I found a few things that I loved but didn't get.. for now!

First up is this lovely dress! excuse the bad picture... :) Heres the link to the dress on the store website. I REALLY loved this dress and this picture just doesnt do it justice. Since I was on the look for summer dresses ( casual cute ) I decided to pass on this number. I am hoping to go back soon or order it online and purchase it or maybe Mr. Charming will ;)  haha. *wink wink*  I''m not sure hot to describe it  its obviously a black sweetheart stop and the bottom is like this light goldish color and its kind of shiny. LOVE IT!
I also love this belt below. it has four snappies in the back and I loved it at the store but not loving the picture on the webiste. I decided to pass on it since I have quite a few belts and really am not in need of one just right now!
Now on to some of the things I opted for....

I needed a pair of shorts that did not have any holes or scratch marks on them so when I stopped in to Charlotte Russe and saw that all their shorts were just $15, I was hoping t I o find a pair and I did! I found these! As for most things I do not like the picture as much online but I really like them! not too short but short enough and have a nice look to them and only $15.. you can't beat that!

Next stop was F21. I decided to go to the smaller F21 and surrounding stores ( it's a give and take ) They had a few great promo deals & I am pretty sure they are having a lot more sales going on this weekend and on Memorial Day.

I decided to get THIS dress in both red and teal. I LOVE these! they fit so well and are just soo cute and comfy! I will definately be wearing these a lot!

Last but not least I stopped at Target and got a dress from there too but I cant post the link to it, sorry! Maybe tomorrow Ill take a quick picture with it on but its super cute too! I love these because you can wear them all spring and summer and I will get a lot of wear out of them!

what are you loving this summer? :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

American Idol

The VERY FIRST season of American Idol, many many years ago, I watched and followed along with but after that I just never really got into it. This season I got into it, especially since a boy I knew from school was on the show, so I have been watching all season. I really love Steven Tyler! and you can't forget Jlo. But Steven Tyler is my fav!   anyways!  Who is your fav to win in all tonight? Lauren or Scotty?
I have to be honest, I like them both so I am not sure who is going to win it all. yikes! They both have a country style and I love it. I have always loved

Scotty but just thought his voice wasn't strong like some of the past contestants

 and Lauren amazes me sometimes. I guess we will see!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wishlist from F21

I have always liked dresses BUT in the last maybe year or so, I have been LOVING dresses. I love that you can wear a dress to basically anything and it can be casual, or dressy but you still look really cute and girly! and if you know me- you know I'm girly. But, don't worry, I can kind of hang with the boys. kind of. Anyways. I haven't been up to much lately. If you've read my ranting two posts prior to this, you will know that Mr. Charming left for Italy on Saturday. He is currently in Rome, has been since Saturday but is now on his way to another city. Since really most of my friends but a few are family members of michaels family, I haven't been up to much without him here. I have a graduation this weekend and next weekend and I start school up again next week, so I hope that starts making time fly! anyways... here are just a few of the things I have on my WANT list from F21 this week. Maybe I'll do a weekly post. we'll see!  I need topics to blog about anyways!

I think that's all I will add for today. I could put a billion more things. I always seem to find WAY more online than in the store. does that happen to you? maybe its just me. haha

Monday, May 23, 2011

Short & Sweet!

Sooooo I know my Mister Charming has only been gone 2 days now, and he will still be gone a million more days BUT I miss him already! We have never gone more than maybe a week and a half without seeing eachother, and whats even harder is our only communication is when he gets online and we have some time to talk. :( lol sorry Im ranting here but I miss him! I think once I start back up with school in a week that time will start flying by since I will be busy and I have a goal to meet before he comes back. BUT I reallllly reallllly wish I was in Italy right now with him!  

plus- his boys miss him. ( our furbabies- Scout and Toby! )

Only another..38 more days. then he'll be here but within the next day or two after that we leave for a few days for fourth of July Holiday.   atleast its together!

enough for now! I will have a more interesting post in the next few days!  :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011



ITALY! you guessed it!
Sadly, I will not be there! booo :(  I just dropped Mr. Wonderful off at the airport a few hours ago. Yep- He is going to Italy! He got chosen to study abroad for a wole 5 weeks in Italy with 11 other students from his architecture program at school. It is definately an awesome oppotunity for him but I still wish I could be there! I sure am going to miss him, hopefully time will fly by fast! we have definately never been apart this long in the 5 years we've dated. His plane hasn't even taken off yet and I miss him a ton already :) hehe.

more to come in the next few weeks, im sure! :) I'll have a lot of free time..maybe. I start school in a week and I'm planning on helping out at his grandparents garden a lot to take up time!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Royal Wedding post-

I know I am a little late on the whole Royal wedding post but I figured better late than never :) I will admit that I did wake up early to tune in to watch the wedding. I got up at about 3:40, took a shower and layed back in bed and watched. I was really never THAT interested in Kate and Wills but a week or two before the wedding and actually watching things and hearing about everything, I was hooked! I reall enjoyed watching all the prewedding shows they had on.
Ummmmmm, can you say STUNNING!? 
I absolutely loved her dress! Being Catholic, some of the Churches make you cover your shoulders during the wedding ceremony and this is such a perfect dress for that.I loved everything about it!

How could we forget the kiss? Sure it was short, but so sweet! Actually, when I was watching it live, I saw them kiss and then I guess I was so tired that I just layed down and slept so I didn't see their second kiss, but, today I was watching it on TLC and saw it. how sweet. What a fairytale wedding!

I wish there was more to say about it, which there is, but I really just loved everything about it!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tail waggin' Tuesday!

Hey everyone! Link up with CMae for Tail Waggin' Tuesday! This is definately one of my favorite link ups. How could you not like posting and viewing all our little furbabies :)

Todays topic is to post a picture of "THE LOOK" that your precious furbabie gives you. I don't know why but I am having a hard time finding some pictures, but they sure do give me a handful of looks all the time! I will definately start taking more pictures!

This look (which really only Scout is giving) is the " Did I just hear you say that we're going on a walk" look. lol :) They LOVE their walks. they go crazy. I will definately have to post a video one day.

I have been meaning to post some new things that I got the other week, but, I have not taken pictures yet, so, I will either take them tonight or tomorrow and hopefully they'll appear on the blog tomorrow :) we'll see!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!