Friday, May 27, 2011

Short Shopping Haul!

Happy Friday everyone! Lets see- today I went to Party City and got a whole bunch of decorations and what not for Stacies Graduation party ( Mr. Charming's sister ) after that I decided to do a little shopping around for myself. In my last post I mentioned that I have been loving dresses and I felt it only necessary to get some summer dresses and a good pair of shorts ( without holes or scratch mark things ) so I headed off to the shopping center.

First stop was Charlotte Russe. I normall don't buy tooo much from here but still go in and look. Today I found a few things that I loved but didn't get.. for now!

First up is this lovely dress! excuse the bad picture... :) Heres the link to the dress on the store website. I REALLY loved this dress and this picture just doesnt do it justice. Since I was on the look for summer dresses ( casual cute ) I decided to pass on this number. I am hoping to go back soon or order it online and purchase it or maybe Mr. Charming will ;)  haha. *wink wink*  I''m not sure hot to describe it  its obviously a black sweetheart stop and the bottom is like this light goldish color and its kind of shiny. LOVE IT!
I also love this belt below. it has four snappies in the back and I loved it at the store but not loving the picture on the webiste. I decided to pass on it since I have quite a few belts and really am not in need of one just right now!
Now on to some of the things I opted for....

I needed a pair of shorts that did not have any holes or scratch marks on them so when I stopped in to Charlotte Russe and saw that all their shorts were just $15, I was hoping t I o find a pair and I did! I found these! As for most things I do not like the picture as much online but I really like them! not too short but short enough and have a nice look to them and only $15.. you can't beat that!

Next stop was F21. I decided to go to the smaller F21 and surrounding stores ( it's a give and take ) They had a few great promo deals & I am pretty sure they are having a lot more sales going on this weekend and on Memorial Day.

I decided to get THIS dress in both red and teal. I LOVE these! they fit so well and are just soo cute and comfy! I will definately be wearing these a lot!

Last but not least I stopped at Target and got a dress from there too but I cant post the link to it, sorry! Maybe tomorrow Ill take a quick picture with it on but its super cute too! I love these because you can wear them all spring and summer and I will get a lot of wear out of them!

what are you loving this summer? :)

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