Monday, May 23, 2011

Short & Sweet!

Sooooo I know my Mister Charming has only been gone 2 days now, and he will still be gone a million more days BUT I miss him already! We have never gone more than maybe a week and a half without seeing eachother, and whats even harder is our only communication is when he gets online and we have some time to talk. :( lol sorry Im ranting here but I miss him! I think once I start back up with school in a week that time will start flying by since I will be busy and I have a goal to meet before he comes back. BUT I reallllly reallllly wish I was in Italy right now with him!  

plus- his boys miss him. ( our furbabies- Scout and Toby! )

Only another..38 more days. then he'll be here but within the next day or two after that we leave for a few days for fourth of July Holiday.   atleast its together!

enough for now! I will have a more interesting post in the next few days!  :)

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