Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Surgery & Becoming toned

So sorry for the absense! School is in session which equals less time for blogging and more time on work,work and more work. On top of it all, back in September I was out running with a friend, we decided to do some lunges and my first lunge I did, my knee popped and wne tall kind of crazy.. long story short, I went to the specialist on Tuesday and I now have surgery scheduled in March. woo! ( that would be sarcasm ) haha I have a tear in my knee, its a right medial tear in my miniscus or something like that. ALSO upon looking at my knee, my doctor also thinks that I might either have a slight tear in my ACL or it just might be really loose, but it is too hard to tell through any x-rays or mri's so I won't know if they had to fix my ACL until after surgery. But, I am doing fine, I can actually walk fine right now my knee only flares up every once in a while for a few days and thats when it really hurts. so yeah.. :)

another thing I wanted to blog about is I am wanting to start eating healthier/excersiing however I can without doing extensive workouts. I am about 5'1 at about 107ish. I am a pretty think person but I definately want to become lean and way more toned. .. I don't want a manly 6pack but just lean and tone and I think the way to acheive that is to start eating more healthy and exercise however I can.. maybe walking and doing ab workouts or something since I can't push my knee too hard. I wan't to post maybe a photo every couple of weeks and maybe that will give me the motivation I need.   I tend to not eat all too much healthy foods and drink soda.. I love Coca Cola but I am planing on dropping the soda for water and eating more healthy.. chicken and yogurt and cheese and whatever else I can find.. apples. what do you think? Have you done this before? any tips???

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