Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cold weather & Sandals!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone has been having a great week. Can you believe it is February already?!? Time sure has passed by pretty quickely, atleast for me it has! Here in good ol Texas today it is a whopping 20 degrees! YIKES! I have always said that I like cold weather but the more cold  I am in, the more I realize that I do not really like it. Maybe it is because I am not prepared for all this cold weather down here in Texas. Anyways, it is wayyyyy too cold for me! BUT according to Mr. Groundhog, we are going to start an early Spring! WOHOO, I loveee that news! And on that, Last summer I bought  a pair of black sandals from Charlotte Russe. I LOVED them! I want to say within not even a week of having them, my little furbabie, Scout, had gotten ahold of one of them and broke them :( soooo I went back and got another pair and I used to lifeguard so I wore them alll the time doing that so between the chlorine and everyday wear, they ended up breaking, well, one did. by that time, they did not sell them anymore. Yesterday, I was shopping with my boyfriends sister and I walked into Charlotte Russe we went straight to the shoes ( because we were looking for heels for her ) and OMG, WHAT DO I SEE??!!? I see those sandals that I had bought the previous summer and am in awe. I did not buy any that day because I really didnt bring any money with me, BUT, I am going probably tomorrow or the next day to buy me some. They come in Black, White, Metallic silver and Metallic Gold. What colors do you think would be good to buy? I am thinking for sure black and maybe white. not sure. i LOVE these sandals so much. as crazy as it sounds, I want to buy more than one pair so they will last me! Even though I don't think they will get as worn as in the past. I just had to share that.

I forgot to mention that here in Texas we are supposed to be possibly getting some snow later today or tomorrow and friday! I know some parts of Texas already have but I live way down south, so not us yet!

Talk to you all sometime soon with something a little bit more interesting, I hope! :)


  1. I don't think it is crazy to buy more than one pair of anything that you are in love with! Go for it and get whatever colors you want!

    P.S. : This Houston weather is something else! I didn't move here to deal with the cold! lol

  2. I like the cold weather at first but it does get tiring! Just makes us enjoy the warm all the more, doesn't it? :)