Sunday, March 20, 2011

Knee Surgery & Catching up!

WELL it has been a while since my last blog post and since I always seem to slack, I will not be making any excuses for it! I hope to at soime point in time to make this a regular thing for me, but, not sure when that will be! I think sometimes I think I have nothing interesting to post-so I don't post anything! :) lol.

To catch up on where I last left off, lets seee....
1-I met one of my goals which was to get into my 180's. WOHOO
2-I had knee/acl surgery ( boo :(  )

well, those are the biggest things!
Like a said above, I did infact have surgery. I actually had surgery on March 10, 2010. That just so happened to be my last day of class before spring break. So, I got there early in the morning around 6 to do all the pre-op things which is basically nothing but get your IV put in and make sure everything is right and I was in surgery from about 7:15ish-11ish, I'm really not sure exactly. Going into the surgery we knew that I had a right medial meniscus tear in my knee, but did not know to what extent it needed to be fixed and also my MRI's showed a potential ACL tear but they coulod not be sure until they were actually in my knee, so we prepared for both. Surgery went well and I did infact ontop of my knee tear, I had a completely torn ACL. Yep. They said it was basically just a few fibers left so they had to get some from ym hamstring and now I have an ACL :)    
Post surgery has been going pretty well. The most annoying thing is wearing the wrap and a big ol heavy brace, but other than that I have been doing good, The first day I think was the worst because after surgery I felt very neasueated the rest fot he day and couldn't keep anything down but with all the medicine I was on and the anestita, it was normal but that has been the worse part thus far. I have basically had no pain, the worst pain is when I have been laying down for long periods of time and I get up my knee hurts a lot but I think its because it is stiff. That problem should start to fade as I start therapy.
I go back to the doctor on tuesday( the second time since my surgery) and they plan to take my staples out. ( I think I couldnt 14..not sure. I'll recount before they take them out) ( I also have pictures but I figured you wouldn't want to see them :)  )  I am really nervous about getting them out but at the same time, I want them out! I will also be starting therapy this week so that is good, because I cant wait to get back to normal. All this not being able to do anything and having to wrap my knee before I shower and having this brace on and not being able to drive is driving me somewhat crazy. yes, you read that right- I am not about to drive and probably wont for another month since it was done on my right knee.
Don't tell the docor, but, I have been walking around on my knee- not a lot-don't worry, but around my room and a little but once I get downstairs. but I still take my crutches with me everywhere and once I go out the house im on them.. trying not to pish my self too much.

Other exciting things coming up are..
My Birthday which is on April 3 which also happens to be my 5th year anniversary with my baby :) :) :)
and getting those dang staples out
My friends wedding in may!

well, I just wanted to update this and kind of have it as a memory to look back on especially with my surgery. I hope to be posting soon!


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