Sunday, April 17, 2011

What I'm loving! & Palm Sunday

Here is Texas it has been warming up and can I just say, I am loving it! This weekends weather has inspired me to add some more clothes to my closet :) I love wearing dresses so I don't know why it has taken me this long to come to this conclusion but I am definately loving spring/summer dresses. Like simple casual cute ones! :) I attended one of my friends wedding showers this weekend and I stepped outside to see how the weather was and immediately thought how awesome it would be to wear a nice sundress. I think it is a good option other than the regular shorts. I just recently have bought me about 4 new pairs of shorts( a white pair, two greyish colors and a blue jean pair)  I do have atleast 4 pair of blue jeans shorts already but they are more for the beach ( they're somewhat short) so I can't exactly wear them everywhere. anyways, I want to share some dresses that I've seen online from F21 that I am wanting! I also STILL need to go find the bathing suit I am wanting to get from VS or just order it from online, and also I want to possibly get a romper, just not sure what color I should get. decisions. descisons.

-LOVEEE this dress & this color. I have seen it in the store but have not tried it on. I think this would be so cute! I even think this could be a good dress for a summer wedding. WARNING: this dress is somewhat sheer so it would need something under it, IMO.

- I love love love love lace dresses. I don't know what it is about them but I love lace! and I don't think you can go wrong with a white dress. I love how you can keep this dress casual and even dress it up.

- loveeee the colors on this dress!

- I love how this dress is just so simple. You can really spruce it up with some accessories and maybe even a belt or a fun sandal.

- I also love this romper! and for only 9.99 I think it is a steal! It also comes in black and a  baby bluish color. I am not sure what color I would like it in but I love this red!

I have definately found for my body type, since I am short (5'1) and petite I have found that simple works best for me. I find that whenever I put too much on or just too fussy, it doesn't work for me.

Anyone seen any super cute bathing suits? I have seen some that I like but I am not sure. most of the VS stores near me carry a small collection of their swim line so I have not been able to find one. I am thinking of maybe going to the Galleria or Memorial City Mall sometime soon to try to see if they have a bigger selection. I would definately prefer to try them on before buying or atleast being able to try on the different styles and if I have to order a different color online, that would be fine.

Well on a side note, I am more than a month out fo my surgery now and am doing great. Physcial therapy is going good. I get my measurments taken tomorrow and Tuesday I go back to the doctor so he can see how I am doing. I have about 2 more weeks of therapy left. I actually somewhat enjoy it so it will be only a little sad to not go anymore. One of the main reasons is I love listening to the old timers there. They are so funny and entertaining!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I have two more weeks left of this semester so just trying to get through it!

Oh! and I hope everyone had a great Palm Sunday!


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