Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My ABC's

I would say that I strive to be the best daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend someone could ask for.

Bad Habit:
Lets see! too many to name haha
spending money
eating when im bored

a big small town outside of Houston, Texas!
Coca cola! I basically live off of it.. ask anyone  haha

currently in school to be a Court Reporter.. by this time next year I will hopefully have been working for a while!

Pasta, rice & beans, salsa & chips, a lot of snack food!
Guilty Pleasure:
anything having to do with clothes and shoes and what not


Ice Cream:
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough... yum!

Jonesing for:
to get out of my 180s, to get my mr. charming back!

Don't know of anyone I look like. I had a few people tell me in like junior high that I looked like some girl from another school, but never saw her. I get that I look like mr. charming's cousins girlfriends.....we just happen to all have dark long hair and we are all "tan" even though im definately getting on the paler side these days.

Finding Nemo
Lifetime movies..

I'm not that big of a movie person.. so I'm sure theres more I like but I dont watch them unless really I'm made lol.

JP ( from highschool dance team )
JPhil ( highschool dance team )
Jphilly ( highschool dance team)
but I really dont hear any of those these days.. mostly it was just JP for my fellow dance team members.. other than that, just Jennifer

TV Shows.. too many to list! I wouldn't want you to think I'm crazzzy haha

Juicy Couture

I am very paranoid about a lot of things. Mr. Charming always gets a kick out of me always locking the car door, ummm, I only really like myself to wash dishes because I dont think anyone washes them right lol

probably not seeing my Grandpa for about a year or so while he was sick before he died. A lot was going on in life and I was young so I couldnt go on my own to see him and the only other way I wasnt willing to go with my dad and his evil girlfriend so.. didn't. meaning I didn't see him before he passed away. But, he knows I loved him. but still..
don't go to starbucks and the couple times that I did we met there for class and I just got a hot chocolate!

Thrift Find of the Year:
Ummmm... still looking!

Community College!

no where tooo great. Going to Port O Connor later this month!

never had wine but Michael tried Presecco in Italy.. and he says its a must try! 


21 years young

just relaxing with my pups and Mr. Charming or just laying around in bed!

What are your ABC's?

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