Friday, September 9, 2011

Where were you on 9/11? Link-up

Hi all! Today I am linking up with  Wild & Precious on where were you on 9/11

It is honestly hard to believe that 9/11 was ten years ago.  On 9/11 I was about 11-years-old in the 6th grade.  The day started out like any other day. Woke up, went to school, went through the morning's classes and then comes lunchtime.  Walking into the lunchroom I could just feel that the atmosphere was very strange, unlike every other day.  Being so young I can remember some details like what I was wearing or what I was eating.. I assume that I got my lunch and sat down at my class table.  Once sitting down there were so many rumors going around.  You saw kid after kid after kid being called out of the lunchroom to leave, that their parent had come to pick them up. That in itself lead us to believe that something was going on.  Then there were rumors going around that our school was going to be bombed.  Can you imagine the fear?  Hearing a rumor that your school was going to be blown up?  Now that I think about it, I cant believe that was said but I think it stemmed from parents informing the school and kids overhearing but not hearing the whole story..who knows.  Anyways, lunchtime ended and it was time to go to class.  Our teacher would meet us outside of the lunchroom each day to take us back to class, and there she was.  We stopped at the restroom on the way to class and then and there is where we found out what had happened.  We weren't told much. Just that some planes had been flown in some buildings and that it was a terrorist attack.
I get scared very easily so just hearing that really scared me.  The rest of the day we just stayed in our one class, we didn't switch and all we did was sit in class and watch TV every now and then on the coverage, but they would only show us a little.  Kids kept being pulled from class to leave.  I would say about half of my class was left that day, me being one of them.  We all seriously thought we were going to die. We were so young and had never heard of anything like this.  Everytime someone would leave we would seriously tell them bye and we loved them and hopefully we'd see them again.
Once school was over, I had to go to daycare.  Since us(5th and 6th graders) were old enough to know about it, we talked about it with the teachers who came to pick us up from the daycare center but we were told not to mention it to the younger kids when we got to the daycare center.  Which made sense because they were too young to be finding out from anyone but their parents.  After that it is pretty much a blur.  My mom came and picked us up after she got off work and when we got home she told my brother and we talked about it.  As much as i hated watching the coverage, I was glued to the TV.  And as much as it scared me, I couldn't help but watch.  I just remember being scared for a long time about it.  I didn't personally know anyone in New York or Pennsylvania but a friend of mines Aunt lived in New York and worked in one of the Towers and that day she just so happened to call in that she would not be going into work that day.  I just remember feel sad and scared and helpless because I was sitting at home while all those people were going through H3ll. I eventually became not so scared about it. I will never forget that day and it sickens me to see it on TV specials, to see what these people did to our country and to see the people and hear their voices on TV of the hijackers, just makes me sick. But I am forever grateful for our men and women in our service for protecting us and will always pray for those men and women and children who died that day and for the everyday people who became heros that day.  It is amazing how much of a tradegy it was but could bring our Nation together so much.

Have you watched any specials on it? I have. I watched one and just one thing that sticks out to me is one man, who had a wife, became a hero that day.  He saved 77 lives, but lost his own when the building collapsed. I know there were many many other heroes that day.

Where were you that day?

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