Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 1: 30 Day Blog Challenge

I have decided that I would jump on board and try the " 30 Day Blog Challenge ". I somehow never feel inspired to write, and what I do, it never comes out as planned, but- I thought I would give it a try. Why not? I will most likely be trying to incorporate other topics in each blog challenge post, we shall see!

Day 1: " A Photo of yourself and a description of how your day was "

This is ME! My name is Jennifer. Born and raised in the Lovely state of Texas-I love it here! I am a 20 year old Court Reporting Student. I am here to share you y'all my daily life happenings-including school, fashion, love, family & everything inbetween!

Today is Tuesday-11/02/10   Can you believe that it is already NOVEMBER!!??!!  In the moment is seems like live can go by slow but I am amazed at how fast time flies by! This part of the year is my FAVORITE part of the year. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. Maybe it's just me being naive-but, I feel like this time of year is just so much more " happier " Anyways! Today I had school. Nothing too interesting. After that I came home and cleaned my closet/room and am spending some time with my boys ( my two dogs-Scout & Toby-whom I will share pictures with ya'll in another post. ) After this post I am going to relax a little and maybe-just maybe try to make myself practice on my steno machine for school. 

I hope ya'll are having an awesome Tuesday! I hope everyone went out and voted today!

What is your favorite time of the year?

I am thinking I am also going to start a formspring page eventually. Let me know what you think!

One more side note.. I have come up with my "weekly blog days" I will be doing these along with the 30 day Blog Challenge-here are my weeks.
Monday- Moody Mondays ( will inlcude my mood that day/week )
Tuesday- Tip jar ( This day I will be giving a tip from myself to you, or sharing one with you from someone I know, or of you request a tip on a certain subject, I will be doing that )
Wednesday- I want Wednesdays ( will be sharing any item/s that I am wanting that week )
Thursday- I have 3 options,-Thankful Thursdays-Vintage Recipe Thursday OR Letters I'll never send Thursday ( which will include notes that I write that will never be sent to someone I pick )
Friday- Fill in the blanks Friday
Saturday-Four for Saturday ( including four random questions every saturday )
Sunday- Straight out of the camera Sunday

xoxo, Jennifer


  1. Cute blog! Court reporting is a good field to go into!

  2. Ashley- Thankyou! Yes, from what I hear- it is a good field to go into. I am excited! Plus, the pay is good, that's always a plus :)