Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 2: A picture from somewhere you have been

Hey everyone! Today is Day 2 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge! Today has been a cold & rainy day here in Texas. Yuck. I don't mind the cold as much as long as I wear the right clothing BUT with it also being wet-not so good! Today was a very hard day for me, but more on that for another post!

How has the weather been where You live??

So, Today is a picture from somewhere I have been.....
I didn't really take any awesome picture while I was there so this will have to do. Meet the Bahamas! Last Christmas, I went on a cruise to the Bahamas with Michael ( my BF ) and his family. His parents' gift to each of them when they graduate college, is a trip to basically anywhere they want to go, so we all went. It was SO much fun, and absolutely beautiful!!! We drove to Florida the day after Christmas and left I believe on the 27th until around January 3. If you have not been on a cruise, I advise you to! I LOVED it! This particular Island was CoCocay.(?)   

Have you traveled anywhere where you really enjoyed?

xoxo, Jennifer

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  1. It looks so beautiful, makes me want to be on a beach right now.
    Hubby and I went on a cruise for our honeymoon (since we couldn't decide on one place). We left from San Juan, to St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua and St. Kitts. We spent one day at each island, each morning we would arrive at a different port. It was perfect and so enjoyable :)