Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First Attempt of my OOTD & Day 6 Blog Challenge: Favorite TV Show(s)

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week so far :) I was not feeling so great yesterday, but I am feeling MUCH better today, so I am back into "normal" blogging! WOHOO!
Anyways, so, I didn't do much today. I don't know who all knows and who doesn't, but I am a student right now, becoming a Court Reporter , so, my days usually consist of going to class, and coming home to my pups to do work, practice, or I will occansionally go out, needless so say I do not dress up too much! Well I love how everyone has their outfit of the days, so, I decided that I would try to do some!

So sorry for all of the messyness and what not! Well here you are :)

Close up
Lace top-Charlotte Russe
Jeans- Target
Cardigan- F21
Belt- F21
Boots- Wet Seal

Mirror picture with moms Camera! haha

Side View

Tada! ;)  Well now on to my Blog Challenge! Today is share your favorite TV Show(s) I have a few that I keep up with so I will share a few!

These are probably my two top favorite shows. I just love them :)

What are YOUR favorite shows?

I would love to keep rambling but I have two noisy, attention seeking pups who are craving attention :) haha  I hope you all had a great Tuesday!

xoxo, Jennifer


  1. Cute outfit, LOVE the lace top!

  2. Love the outfit! It looks comfy and very cute!

  3. Love your outfit! Thanks for your comment about my post. I am sorry about your Grandpa. It makes days like these even that much more special.

  4. Lindsay- thank you! It is :)

    Jessica- Thank you!